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Poverty? Perceptions through the eyes of the "developed" 13.08.2014
Changing times; changing stories. 03.08.2014
Safety is in Community, Not in Fear 10.07.2014
My heart still aches. Life, and death. 02.06.2014
A trip within a trip....much like those nesting dolls. 09.05.2014
Running: to reboot the mind. 19.04.2014
Getting settled and making sense of things 22.03.2014
Simultaneously getting stoked and freaked at the same time. 06.03.2014
Nimekuwa amekosa ninyi 21.02.2014
Oldoinyo Lengai (meaning 'Mountain of God' in Maasai) 04.08.2010
Matheluni Waterfall and Chemka Natural Springs 13.07.2010
I think I just ate goat. 09.07.2010
Good Hope Orphanage 09.07.2010
I think I just ate goat ...part II 09.07.2010
Deepak Chopra’s travelling tips on the Qatar Air website? 30.06.2010
Three more sleeps! 28.06.2010